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Why Was Claire In Detention In The Breakfast Club?

Why Was Claire In Detention In The Breakfast Club
Cast –

  • Andrew Clark, portrayed by Emilio Estevez, was sentenced to Saturday detention for taping Larry Lester’s butt cheeks together.
  • Paul Gleason portrays Vice Principal Richard Vernon, the autocratic vice principal of Shermer High School who supervises Saturday detention.
  • Anthony Michael Hall portrays Brian Johnson, a “Brain” who was sentenced to Saturday detention for attempting suicide with a flare gun he brought with him.
  • John Kapelos as Shemer High School custodian Carl Reed.
  • John Bender, portrayed by Judd Nelson, is a “Criminal” sentenced to Saturday detention for pulling the fire alarm.
  • Claire Standish, portrayed by Molly Ringwald, was sentenced to Saturday detention for skipping school to go shopping.
  • Allison Reynolds, portrayed by Ally Sheedy, was not sentenced to Saturday detention and only attended because she had nothing better to do.
  • Mr. Clark, the strict father of Andrew, is played by Ron Dean.
  • Mrs. Johnson, Brian’s mother, exerts pressure on him to perform well on his exams.
  • Mary Christian is the sister of Brian.
  • Tim Gamble portrays Mr. Standish, Claire’s father.
  • Perry Crawford portrays Mr. Reynolds, Allison’s neglectful father.
  • Fran Gargano portrays Mrs. Reynolds, Allison’s neglectful mother.
  • John Hughes in an uncredited cameo as Brian’s father, Mr. Johnson.

Why was Allison in The Breakfast Club’s detention?

Allison went to detention voluntarily, claiming that she had nothing better to do with her time. Regardless, she was lumped in with the other children; once during Carl The Janitor’s “sh*theads like you” insult, and twice when Vernon referred to her in a derogatory manner as “Missy.” In a deleted scene, however, she appears to exact revenge on Vernon by flipping him the bird as they sneak past him struggling with a vending machine.

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Elizabeth Reynolds She is a habitual liar and a petty thief, and at certain points in the film, she appears disconnected from reality. She demonstrates characteristics of schizotypal personality disorder and kleptomania.

How is Allison in The Breakfast Club a deviant?

Each character is viewed as a deviant because of the actions that landed them in detention or the actions they commit while in detention. Allison, for example, is a thief who steals Brian’s wallet during detention and also comes to detention without being disciplined.

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