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Why Is The Breakfast Club Rated R?

Why Is The Breakfast Club Rated R
The Breakfast Club Film Critique The parents’ guide to this film’s content. Diverse Representations Raised Concerns Drinking, Drugs, and Smoking Parents should be aware that The Breakfast Club is a popular 1980s film that deals with controversial adolescent issues.

Suicide, depression, social alienation, materialism, sex, and physical and psychological abuse are openly discussed. The adolescent characters use foul language, including “f-k,” mock authority figures, and smoke marijuana in the school library (when they finally begin to get along, so there are no negative repercussions).

Additionally, the individual smokes cigarettes, draws a switchblade, and makes lewd gestures. As proof of his father’s abuse, he reveals cigar burns on his body. A courageously responding teen threatens to beat up a bully. However, the same teen describes taping the buttocks of a weaker student together as a “prank.” A student describes his suicidal thoughts as a result of a low grade.

A teacher pushes and threatens to beat a bully. In one scene, a teen boy places his head between a teen girl’s legs despite her repeated requests for him to leave her alone; despite this assault and her humiliation, she later makes out with him, sending a very mixed message. The film promotes the elimination of stereotypes and social barriers as a means of identification and improved communication, and the characters’ candor has always struck a chord with a great number of actual adolescents.12 August 2020 Why is it 15+? It contains language, but it’s no different than what middle schoolers hear.

Actually, ratings should be modifiable 2 people found this helpful. Now, on October 2, 2021, this is unquestionably one of my top 10 favorite films of all time, but I must warn you that it contains profanity. essentially every sentence contains a foul word.

Also, there is some sex. In class, someone places his head between a girl’s legs. You’re very welcome! This title was found helpful by 1 person. THE BREAKFAST CLUB is about five popular and unpopular high school students who are forced to spend nine hours together in Saturday detention. Brian “The Brain” (), Claire “The Princess” (), Andy “The Jock” (), Allison “The Basket Case” (), and Bender “The Misfit” () eventually set aside their differences as they discuss the events that led to their detention.

Gradually, they realize that, beneath the veneer of the high school social scene, their problems are more similar than they initially believed. Parents exert tremendous pressure on Brian to maintain a perfect grade point average. Claire insists that there are disadvantages to being wealthy and the most popular girl in school.

Andy desires nothing more than to please his father, even if it requires him to violate his own moral code. Allison seeks her father’s attention through aberrant behavior. And Bender responds to physical and verbal abuse at home by defying authority, committing petty theft, and causing property damage at school.

The film is an earnest, engaging attempt to portray teens and their problems in a realistic light, despite its occasional heavy-handedness. The writer-film director’s addresses very mature issues regarding family and school that are relatable to both adolescents and their parents.

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As The Breakfast Club progresses, the characters’ confessions regarding why they are in detention reveal a greater depth to their personalities. Solid performances by the “Brat Pack” – Ringwald, Nelson, Hall, Estevez, and Sheedy – combined with Hughes’ witty dialogue, deft direction, and ability to balance drama and humor made it one of the most memorable and quotable teen films of all time.

A great option for older adolescents. Families can discuss how relevant and realistic The Breakfast Club, in their opinion, is. Teens: Do you believe your high school has a similar structure of cliques? Why is this film considered a teen classic, in your opinion? How would you update it, and who would you cast, if you could? How do you believe the narrative would be altered if the characters were more diverse? Allison describes Bender’s question about Claire’s virginity as a “”Well, if you say you haven’t, you’re a prude,” she replied.

Is The Breakfast Club’s rating truly R?

(The Breakfast Club is rated R, which, in the opinion of most parents, disqualifies it as an appropriate film to watch.

How often does the F-bomb appear in The Breakfast Club?

Parental opinions for The Breakfast Club on August 12, 2020 why is it 15+? It contains language, but that is no different than what middle schoolers hear. Actually, ratings should be modifiable 2 people found this helpful. Now, on October 2, 2021, this is unquestionably one of my top 10 favorite films of all time, but I must warn you that it contains profanity.

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Essentially every sentence contains a foul word. Also, there is some sex. In class, someone places his head between a girl’s legs. You’re very welcome! This title was found helpful by 1 person. January 20, 2016 It is suitable for ages 11 and older; it contains references to virginity and drugs, but most 11-year-olds can comprehend such topics.

This title was found helpful by 1 person.14 September 2022 VIOLENCE: Mild, with the exception of Andrew tackling Bender to the ground (brief). Also, Bender makes the joke, “If I killed you, your parents would sue me.” There have been rumors of domestic violence (including a cigar burn injury) and suicide attempt.

Bender is verbally abusive and violent toward other children (mainly Claire). DRUGS: Kids smoke and get high. Brian describes in detail how his cousin once got high. One reference to a “perverted nudie photo” of a “beaver” discovered in a wallet. As he looks up Claire’s skirt and rams his head into her crotch, Bender is a bit of a pervert.

In addition, he described sex as “the hot beef injection.” He also harasses other children with awkward questions about their virginity. The children share a kiss at the conclusion. Gay sex innuendo: “I admire two men so much that they would roll over each other on the ground.” Also makes jokes about having sexual relations with a psychiatrist.

Why are sixteen candles rated R?

Sixteen Candles Film Critique The parents’ guide to the film’s content. Products & Merchandise Absent Alcohol, Drugs, and Smoking Parents should be aware that Sixteen Candles is a hilarious 1980s high school comedy that contains both sharply observed moments and painful stereotypes, including a racist depiction of a Chinese character.

  • This is an adult comedy with teen characters, despite being rated PG (it was released before the PG-13 rating option existed).
  • Teens drink, engage in sexual activity, and discuss contraception; in one scene, it is implied that a guy had sex with a girl while she was passed out drunk.
  • Parents may want to exercise caution when interacting with impressionable children, particularly preteens and younger children.

Teens and adults alike will enjoy this insightful examination of adolescent life. March 3, 2019 Many reviews discuss the sexism, potential date rape, nudity, and profanity, but I haven’t seen a single review that addresses the racism. The main character’s house is occupied by a Chinese exchange student, crudely named Long Duck Dong (are you kidding me?! ), who is essentially treated as a pet and portrayed as an idiot who embodies every horrible stereotype of an Asian person ever created.

  • If you decide to watch this film with your adolescent, I strongly urge you to discuss all of these questionable moments.
  • This is the only way we can effect real change; otherwise, they will continue to accept this behavior.6 individuals found this helpful.
  • My Rating: R for Sexual Content, Language, and Drug Use This title contains: Too much drinking/drugs/smoking Sam () turns 16 in SIXTEEN CANDLES, but her family has forgotten her birthday due to her sister’s upcoming wedding.
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Sam has a crush on Jake, a senior at her school, who may or may not know she exists. Luckily for Sam, Jake is growing tired of his prom queen girlfriend. Jake sets his sights on Sam with the aid of a freshman super-geek, but can he find her amidst the chaos of her sister’s wedding to grant her birthday wish? This 1980s film is a terrifying journey through adolescence.

Sam is a young woman in the throes of her first crush, and she has extreme body insecurity. A supremely awkward dork pursues her, alternately seeking approval and crudely pursuing her. She is infatuated with a senior god and intimidated by his girlfriend, a goddess. The film Sixteen Candles neither raises profound questions nor creates scenes of exceptional beauty.

Nevertheless, this is John Hughes at his finest; he captures the nuances of adolescent slang and recreates the humiliations that can make adolescence a living hell. When Sam’s grandmother examines Sam’s “perky boobies” with a gentle squeeze, you’ll wonder how anyone makes it through high school.

Does The Breakfast Club contain profanity?

***Please be advised that this show contains mature themes such as profanity, marijuana smoking, abuse, sex, and suicide. Actors auditioning for The Breakfast Club must be at least 13 years old and have parental consent.

Is r inferior to 18+?

General audience rating: G; all ages allowed. Some material may not be appropriate for pre-teens, as indicated by the PG rating. R: Restricted; minors must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian. Rated X: No one under 17 admitted.

Is the R rating equivalent to 18+?

The Breakfast Club — What Makes This Movie Great? (Episode 100)

Restricted (R) (R) Admission is restricted to those over the age of 18.

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