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The Breakfast Club What Did Claire Do?

The Breakfast Club What Did Claire Do
Cast –

  • Andrew Clark, portrayed by Emilio Estevez, was sentenced to Saturday detention for taping Larry Lester’s butt cheeks together.
  • Paul Gleason portrays Vice Principal Richard Vernon, the autocratic vice principal of Shermer High School who supervises Saturday detention.
  • Anthony Michael Hall portrays Brian Johnson, a “Brain” who was sentenced to Saturday detention for attempting suicide with a flare gun he brought with him.
  • John Kapelos as Shemer High School custodian Carl Reed.
  • John Bender, portrayed by Judd Nelson, is a “Criminal” sentenced to Saturday detention for pulling the fire alarm.
  • Claire Standish, portrayed by Molly Ringwald, was sentenced to Saturday detention for skipping school to go shopping.
  • Allison Reynolds, portrayed by Ally Sheedy, was not sentenced to Saturday detention and only attended because she had nothing better to do.
  • Mr. Clark, the strict father of Andrew, is played by Ron Dean.
  • Mrs. Johnson, Brian’s mother, exerts pressure on him to perform well on his exams.
  • Mary Christian is the sister of Brian.
  • Tim Gamble portrays Mr. Standish, Claire’s father.
  • Perry Crawford portrays Mr. Reynolds, Allison’s neglectful father.
  • Fran Gargano portrays Mrs. Reynolds, Allison’s neglectful mother.
  • John Hughes in an uncredited cameo as Brian’s father, Mr. Johnson.

Why was The Breakfast Club suspended?

The Breakfast Club Description On a Saturday, five students gather for detention at Shemer High School outside of Chicago. Meet Brian Johnson, Andrew Clark, Allison Reynolds, Claire Standish, and John Bender, who are, in order, “a genius, an athlete, a klutz, and a criminal.” Richard Vernon, the arrogant supervising teacher, assigns them an essay on “who you think you are” and verbally spars with Bender.

  1. Yes, this is going to be a film about verbal combat.
  2. Immediately after Vernon’s departure, the teen drama begins: Bender irritates Claire with inappropriate sexual jokes, aggravates Andrew tremendously, and casually insults Brian.
  3. This day is certain to be enjoyable.
  4. The back-and-forth bickering lasts a surprisingly long time—a sizeable portion of the film.

Bender continues his antics by pulling a switchblade on Andrew, removing the screw that holds the library door open, and receiving additional detentions after telling Vernon to “eat my shorts.” Don’t you simply adore the 1980s? Around noon, things begin to change.

Instead of viewing each other through the lens of preconceived notions, they begin to. listen. Bender reveals that he is abused at home by showing Andrew the scar from his father’s cigar burn. (He leads everyone to the hallway, where he retrieves a bag of marijuana from his locker. After hiding it in Brian’s underwear, Vernon catches Bender in the hallway and locks him in a closet for the remainder of his detention.

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Allison is the only student with whom Bender does not smoke in the library after escaping. It is revealed that Allison’s parents disregard her. Andrew is in detention for bullying a child by taping his butt cheeks together, an act he regrets deeply. Brian is in detention because he brought a flare gun to school, and after failing shop class, he considered shooting himself with it.

  • Oh, it seems they’re experiencing some difficulty.
  • Whodathunk? Andrew ends up with Allison, while Bender and Claire end up together.
  • Only Brian writes the essay on “who you believe yourself to be,” explaining that they have all learned to identify with one another.
  • Collectively, they are each a genius, an athlete, an idiot, a princess, and a criminal.

And in, Bender triumphantly raises his fist as he crosses the football field: The Breakfast Regulars Summary

Did John Bender like Claire?

The Breakfast Club What Did Claire Do

John Bender
The Breakfast Club What Did Claire Do
Name: John Bender
Gender: Male
Occupation(s): Student at Shermer High School
Alias(es): The Criminal
Family: Mr. Bender (Father) Mrs. Bender (Mother)
Significant Other: Claire Standish (girlfriend)
Friends: Andrew Clark Claire Standish Allison Reynolds
Reason for detention: Pulling a false fire alarm, and showing disrespect/impertinence to the Vice Principal
Responsible for causing his detention: Mr. Bender and Mrs. Bender
Portrayed by: Judd Nelson

Anti-hero John Bender is one of the central characters in The Breakfast Club. Initially, he has no regard for anyone, particularly teachers and school property. But by the end of the film, he accepts the concept of kindness and begins to demonstrate it towards others, particularly Claire.

  • In the film, he grew to love Claire, but he initially detested her.
  • Bender initially takes great pleasure in making others uncomfortable, such as by mocking Andrew for wrestling, using Brian as a target for bullying, and repeatedly sexually harassing Claire.
  • Despite the fact that he always retaliates when provoked, he is neither rude nor unkind to Allison because of her isolation from the others.

In contrast, he only displays obnoxious responses to her disturbing, awkward, and eccentric behavior. Bender’s greatest rivalry is with Andrew and Claire, who represent opposite ends of the “high school spectrum.” Claire constituted the majority of his interactions (both positive and negative).

  • He causes her to repeatedly shed tears.
  • Allison interrupts Bender’s attempt at kindness by exclaiming “HA!” Due to Allison’s exclamation, he is somewhat startled out of his train of thought and becomes more cutting, thereby demonstrating that he is not as cruel or sarcastic as one might initially believe.
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In the beginning, Claire has the least amount of patience with Bender. She is frequently harsh in her assessments of him and frequently loses her temper with him. However, she feels compassion for him after Mr. Vernon “awards” Bender an additional seven weeks of detention.

However, this does not prevent Bender from taunting her. When she demonstrates how to apply lipstick from her cleavage to the group, she makes them swear not to laugh, and they do not. They are all impressed, but Bender insults her, prompting defensive insults from the others and a second bout of crying from Claire.

Bender uses one of Claire’s cosmetic brushes as a toothbrush and plays with her perfume when they are allowed to rummage through one another’s belongings. Claire asks Bender if he believes in “one guy, one girl” as she flips through what are presumably several pictures of women.

  • He asserts he does not.
  • When asked why he does not, he becomes immediately defensive because he does not wish to respond.
  • At the end of the film, Bender and Claire share a kiss, and Claire even gives Bender one of her diamond earrings, despite the fact that Bender initially had the most conflicts with Claire.

After Claire, Bender has the most conflict with Andrew. Shortly after meeting in detention, Andrew lashes out at Bender and disparages him for lacking ambition. Bender clearly despises his father as much as Andrew despises his, and he becomes extremely upset when Andrew assumes that Bender’s reenactment of his abusive home life is an act.

  1. Bender rolls up his sleeve to reveal a cigar burn left there by his father as punishment for spilling paint in the garage.
  2. He is determined to prove that he is not lying about the abusive nature of his family life.
  3. Bender then throws books to the ground and ape-style ascends the exterior of the freestanding staircase.
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Claire calls him out on it, saying, “You shouldn’t have said that,” and Andrew responds, “How was I to know?” Bender declares that his father and Andrew’s father should go bowling after hearing what Andrew did to warrant his detention. This is Bender’s way of saying that he and Andrew are not all that dissimilar after all.

Bender’s abusive upbringing and disdain for authority are the only significant facts about him that are known. When Vernon separates him from the group and yells at him in the closet, he shrinks in on himself and avoids eye contact, indicating that he is afraid of older men or men resembling his abusive father.

Vernon appears quite relieved and on the verge of tears upon his departure. Bender exhibits little to no interest in extracurricular activities and does not put forth effort in school. Although he “could not care less” about trigonometry, he takes shop, and it is implied that he is quite adept at it.

Who ends up with Claire in Breakfast Club?

The Breakfast Club Companion Four of the five members of the Breakfast Club pair up romantically by the end of the film, leaving Brian Johnson as their fifth wheel. The athlete Andrew marries the “basket case” Allison. They’ve had a little chemistry throughout the film, but Allison must first completely alter her appearance.

She goes from wearing black eyeliner and face-obscuring bangs to having a clean-cut hairstyle with a bow. Andrew is won over, and many critics vehemently objected because it implies Allison had to abandon her distinctive style in order to win over this wrestler dude. Claire and Bender trade insults throughout the entirety of the film, until Claire sneaks out of the library and joins Bender in the closet where Vernon has ordered him to remain.

Claire finally succumbs to Bender’s apparent charms after a film’s worth of harassment. Claire gives Bender one of her diamond stud earrings, which he then wears. Obviously, Bender’s argument for being Claire’s boyfriend includes retaliation against Claire’s parents: BENDER: Remember when you said that your parents use you to exact revenge on one another? Wouldn’t I be exceptional in that role? Who knows if this can be the foundation of a lasting relationship.

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