After breakfast – fast and easy Light breakfast How To Get Complete Breakfast Recipe Stardew Valley?

How To Get Complete Breakfast Recipe Stardew Valley?

How To Get Complete Breakfast Recipe Stardew Valley

Complete Breakfast
You’ll feel ready to take on the world!
Source: Cooking
Buff(s): Farming (+2) Max Energy (+50)
Buff Duration: 7m


200 Energy 90 Health

Sell Price: 350g Qi Seasoning:

360 Energy
162 Health



Recipe Recipe Source(s):

The Queen of Sauce
21 Spring, Year 2

table> Ingredients: Fried Egg (1) Milk (1) Hashbrowns (1) Pancakes (1)

The Complete Breakfast consists of a cooked dish. It is prepared using either an upgraded farmhouse’s kitchen or a Cookout Kit. Complete Breakfast may randomly appear on Saturdays in Krobus’ shop or in the Stardrop Saloon’s revolving stock.

How does one obtain a full breakfast in Stardew Valley?

The Complete Breakfast is a prepared meal. The dish is prepared in the kitchen of a second- or third-level farmhouse. It is prepared on the stove using one fried egg, one milk (of any type), one hashbrown, and one pancake.

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Getting Started The Player Options Controls Mobile Controls Health Energy Skills Day Cycle

In-game, the day cycle spans 20 hours, from 6am to 2am. After midnight (12 a.m.), the player’s character becomes exhausted and sleepy. However, the player can remain awake until 2am before their character falls asleep. If a character passes out, they will awaken in bed after being dragged there by a JojaMart medical team, Linus, Marlon, or Dr.

  • Harvey if they are not his spouse.
  • In each instance, 10% of the player’s funds up to and including 1,000g will be lost (a letter will be sent to the player’s mailbox detailing this transaction).
  • The only exception to this rule is if the player passed out inside the house.
  • The game is not saved until the player has gone to bed and the daily profit breakdown has been accepted, which occurs at the end of the day.

The player’s Energy and Health will be restored to full if they sleep before midnight and are not exhausted, and to half if they pass out or are exhausted. The longer a player stays awake past midnight, the less energy they will have upon waking, with approximately 50% if they sleep before 2am.

Stardew, can you kiss your spouse?

Kissing your spouse will refill your energy bar if you are exhausted. Only the first kiss of the day causes a heart to appear above your heads.

Divorce – Players can divorce their spouse by visiting the Mayor’s Manor, where a small book gives them the option to do so. A divorce costs 50,000g, After filing for divorce, players have the option to back out before the end of the day (until 10 p.m., when Lewis’s house closes).

  1. If they do not cancel, their spouse, spouse’s room, and exclusive outdoor space will be gone the following morning, and their friendship level will return to 0 hearts.
  2. Under their name, “(ex)” will appear.
  3. After the divorce, the spouse will return to their previous residence and engage in antagonistic interactions with the player, citing the dissolution of their marriage.

Additionally, they will not accept any gifts from them. (Note that the player can still enter the ex-bedroom spouse’s or home as if they had two friendship hearts with the ex.) Any children from the union will reside on the farm. The day following the divorce, any items the player had placed in the ex’s room will be collected and placed in a chest.

Ex-spouses do not attend the player’s wedding or treat them normally during Festivals. In late-game, players can visit the Witch’s Hut to find a shrine that, for an offering of 30,000g, can erase the memories of all ex-spouses (and Krobus, if he is an ex-roommate). After that, all ex-spouses will have no recollection of the previous marriage, allowing players to date and remarry them.

Note that if the player remarries, they will not see the bachelor/previously bachelorette’s viewed heart events, as heart events can only be viewed once per save file, or per player in Multiplayer. Children from marriage can also be “turned into doves” in exchange for a Prismatic Shard at the Witch’s Hut.

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